Book Available Now – ‘Choosing to Forgive’

It’s here!  Finally I have  the first copy of ‘Choosing to Forgive’ in my hand, and it is now available on and Barne& and for your preview. 

Choosing to forgive is so important.  In the book, I share with you my first eighteen years living in fear and at times, hate for my alcoholic father.  It wasn’t an easy life.  However, with God’s grace, I was able to get beyond what was happening to me and see him through God’s eyes.  Through His eyes it’s not difficult to forgive.  Sometimes we just need a different perspective.


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Thoughts About Forgiveness

What if one has been verbally abused, but that abuser is now deceased? Does that person now have to still forgive? This is my response:  for your own sake and peace of heart and mind you still must choose to forgive.  It would be the same as if someone stole from you.  She owes you a debt.  She can’t pay that debt.  So you choose to have mercy on her and forgive her that debt.  You are not forgiving the deed.  Only God can forgive the deed.  However, you can release her from the debt she owes you.  You’ve called for mercy, not justice.  You are now set free from the bondage you were under by not forgiving.  You can now walk away free.  You have given it over to God.  The Scripture says that if you do not forgive then He will not forgive you. 

If you were found doing wrong, would you rather have justice or mercy?  I would choose mercy.

God Bless


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Forgiving Those Who Hurt You

I’m in the process of writing a book on forgiveness. It is actually a memoir of the first eighteen years of my life, growing up with an alcoholic father, and my journey down the path to forgiveness.
Does anyone relate to that?

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