Book Available Now – ‘Choosing to Forgive’

It’s here!  Finally I have  the first copy of ‘Choosing to Forgive’ in my hand, and it is now available on and Barne& and for your preview. 

Choosing to forgive is so important.  In the book, I share with you my first eighteen years living in fear and at times, hate for my alcoholic father.  It wasn’t an easy life.  However, with God’s grace, I was able to get beyond what was happening to me and see him through God’s eyes.  Through His eyes it’s not difficult to forgive.  Sometimes we just need a different perspective.



About mddclark

Originally from Upstate New York, now living in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with my wonderful husband of nine years and loving it. We have five children between us, four girls and one boy, all successfully out on their own. I love to write poetry. I have published one poetry book called "From the Heart", and one children's book entitled "Jake and Barney, (The Tale of Two Kittens)", which is a true story of two kittens we found that had been dropped off at a friends house. My daughter and I rescued these two kittens and brought them home to live in our barn. Of course, by Christmas Eve they were in the house and that's where they stayed from that night forward. One day I figured that as long as I loved to write I might attempt a whole book - but what about? So, I started writing a memoir of my early years growing up with an alcoholic father. The actual dynamics of the story is about forgiveness and how it is not only freeing to one's soul but a necessity according to God's Word. I was able to forgive my father for all the things he put our family through. This will be my story from my perspective. I hope it will be an inspiration to others who might pick it up and read it. I'm new at blogging so "Hi everyone", and I'm on my way. Mary
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